Thursday, 17 December 2009

This image is no more

Following the interventions in October and November, TIG will be carried out in Spring with a "Good TV" production: This Image Is No More, hosted by Home Shop (see image) in Beijing. for more info check Good TV blog.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Invisible Generation Shenzhen - October 23

Natasha Rosling - Performative Sculpture 1 (The Loft)

Natasha Rosling created a specially designed dress that she had lifted over her head with the help of an ingenious structure, displaying her naked, brightly red-coloured legs. She remained immobile in this position on a small stool for 90 minutes, drawing a lot of interest from the local community and stimulating their humour and creativity.

Per Hüttner – Deja-vu 1 (The Loft)

Per Hüttner – Deja-vu 1 (The Loft)

Working with four young local actors, Per Hüttner’s two performances both used the idea of confident men at the peak of their virility receiving a phone call from an older version of themselves, with the intention to give useful advice that appear to be ignored due to youthful over-confidence. In the first, the four bumped into one-another in the heat of Friday evening, but as the strangeness of the call became evident their enthusiasm quickly wore off and sparked introspection. What could have been a fun night out, fizzled out. The event was repeated seven times, every 15 minutes copying the logic of the déjà-vu.

Jon Phillips and Matt Hope – Soundsystem (The Loft)

Jon Phillips and Matt Hope – Soundsystem (The Loft)

Jon Phillips and Matt Hope have developed a series of specially designed sound systems that are open source and that allow sound artists to create cheap and effective ways to play and present their work. They speakers were used in a DJ-set where the heavy beats of hip-hop got entangled with a whole array of national anthems.

Neno Belchev – Bicycle, Suitcase Performance. (The Loft)

Neno Belchev – Bicycle, Suitcase Performance. (The Loft)

The artist has created a special box that was mounted on a traditional Chinese Tricycle, used for transporting material in the city. The box contained a hidden camera that was connected to a TV-monitor. The audience followed the bored expressions of the artist in his box and even though the cables between the two were clearly visible the audience expressed marvel and excitement when he finally exited from the box..

The Invisible Generation Shenzhen - October 24

Hu Xiangqian – No Sound Peformance (The Loft)

Hu Xiangqian is interested in taking the idea of musical sampling and staging it in other genres. For the performance in Shenzhen he asked four artists to act as a music group and to perform a playback without sound. The outcome was a very strange pantomime that built up to a massive crescendo where the performers gave everything, as if it was a climax of a grand arena concert. An unexpected benefit was that the video that documents the project has every documentary quality of a concert video apart from the missing sound.

Natasha Rosling - Performative Sculpture 2 (The Loft)

Natasha Rosling - Performative Sculpture 2 (The Loft)

Natasha Rosling used local materials to develop a kind of wearable sculpture that involved the participation of three people. As the sun set, the boundaries between clothes, bodies, sculpture, audience audience and performance was totally eradicated and a poetic calm reigned over the Shenzhen evening.

Yang Zhifei – Dream workshops (OCAT Book Bar)

Yang Zhifei – Dream workshops (OCAT Book Bar)

Amsterdam-based artist Yang Zhifei realized a series of workshops that are open to the public and that investigate the similarities and individuality of dreams. She recorded the voices of Dutch people describing dreams that they have had and that they felt remain important to them. She played them back on a black screen, only displaying the Chinese translation of the dreams. The workshop participants were then asked to make a drawing representing the dream. Another Chinese person then reinterpreted each drawing as a dream. In the final presentation the audience was faced with three different versions of the same dream.

Per Hüttner – Deja-Vu (Shenzhen Metro)

Per Hüttner – Deja-Vu (Shenzhen Metro)

Per Hüttner’s performance engaged four young local actors of similar height and appearance. They were dressed in identical clothes and carried a plant. When they entered the train, they received a phone call from an older version of themselves, but the connection was bad. So each of them had to get off. According to an intricate system the four men moved in and out of the underground trains, so that the people on the train saw the exact same actions and conversations repeated four times by four people

Neno Belchev – Zebra Crossing Performance (Various public places in Shenzhen)

Neno Belchev – Zebra Crossing Performance (Various public places in Shenzhen)

One of the things that Bulgaria and China have in common is the fact that people cross the street anywhere and at any time. Having produced a video about this fact, Belchev produced his own rolled up Zebra crossing which was unrolled and that allowed its user and fellow pedestrians to cross the street anywhere and at any time.

Dinu Li. (Shenzhen Metro)

Dinu Li. (Shenzhen Metro)

Dinu Li will presentED a Flash mob-like action on the Shenzhen Underground. He worked with a group of workers from a nearby village in Guangdong. They appeared to be complete strangers and at a given moment they accused each other very loudly. The performance was totally unannounced.

The Invisible Generation Shenzhen - October 25

Sunday October 25

Yang Zhifei (with participation of the other artists) – Pillow

Yang ZhiFei decided to show her oversized pillow which had previously been presented in Beijing. She also bought normal sized pillows for the other artists to join. In the warm and calm a dozen artists were dozing together outside the high-tech shopping mall causing the locals to pry with great interest in spite of the old Chinese habit to sleep in unexpected and amazing situations.

Jon Phillips and Per Hüttner (with the participation of other participating artists and local artists)– Urban soccer

Following the success of the Urban Soccer project in Melbourne, Phillips and Hüttner invited everyone to join the football game on the streets, plazas and shopping centres in the city of Shenzhen.


Organized by: Vision Forum in collaboration with OCAT in Shenzhen.

Supporting institutions: Linköpings universitet, OCT Real Estate Company, French Embassy in Australia, French Embassy in Kiev, The Embassy of Sweden in Peking, The Embassy of Sweden in Kiev, the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, The Consulate of Sweden in Guangzhou, Längmanska Kulturfonden in Stockholm and Linköpings Univesitet in Norrköping. A special thank you to FRAC Île-de-France.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Shenzhen and Beijing program and artists (press release)

The Invisible Generation in Beijing and Shenzhen

The Invisible Generation is a collection of artistic interventions that spread virally across the continents of our globe. It uses the artistic and curatorial network of Vision Forum as a platform to multiply and make its way into the perception of people in public spaces of selected cities around the world. The project takes its starting point in performative traditions, but focuses on practices and events that cross over into other time-based activities as sound, film, video, literature, theatre, workshops and draws inspiration from other genres such as journalism, fashion, design and further afield from mathematics and physics.

TIG at OCAT, Shenzhen

Monday, 12 October 2009

Shenzhen program / OCAT

The following projects will be carried out within the boundaries of The Invisible Generation Shenzhen:

1. Hu Xiangqian – The Movement is the Music (Working title)

Hu Xiangqian is engaged in a research where he investigates music as a source for movement rather than sound. He will carry out a performance where either non-musicians play with professional musicians or where professional musicians do movements with their instruments.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Yan Jun's News For Tomorrow opens in Beijing

News for Tomorrow
by Yan Jun
Beijing Youth Weekly editorial office 
8A, Julong Garden, Xinzhongjie, Beijing
October 9th – Novembre 13th 
Monday – Friday, 11 am – 2 pm
curated by: Daniele Balit
contact and info: tel. 0086-10-13810315778 or mail
production: Vision Forum
News For Tomorrow is a commissioned piece by Beijing-based artist Yan Jun for
the Birdcage itinerant sound gallery. The artist picked one of the desks in the editorial office of Beijing Youth Weekly and placed recording devices, mp3 players and cassette walkman in it. The devices either reproduce the interview recordings of the magazine’s editorial staff, or record the soundscape of the office, which will be simultaneously played and processed in real time through headphones while creating feedback noise.